Best Travel Insurance for Cape Verde and Africa

Before you close your holidays to Cape Verde, it is really important that you have the issue of travel insurance tied up. If it is already something essential when you travel to other continents, keep in mind that the situation experienced with Covid has accentuated even more the need to always be protected and safe.

We understand that choosing the best travel insurance for Cape Verde, or in general, is not an easy task. There are many insurance companies that try to make business of travellers’ ignorance. For this reason, through this article we want to talk to you and recommend the one that we have verified (all our travelers guarantee it) which is the best Cape Verde insurance. In our case, it is the one we always use, and we have never had the slightest problem . This is IATI .

In addition, IATI offers a wide variety of options. Depending on the type of traveler you are, one or the other will fit you better, so we are going to try to break down each one of them so that you can choose the one that best suits you. In addition, after a long time of trying, we have obtained a 5% discount coupon for our readers .

Do you need travel insurance to visit Africa? IATI is the best seller

From our own experience, we can guarantee that “scraping” a few pounds or dollars in terms of health, in the end, can be very expensive . Even more so if you are in a distant country, with a much more limited public health system than that existing in UK or US.

You must be aware that what could be a minor problem in your country can be magnified in other places, since you will not have the resources, knowledge or facilities that you do have in your place of residence. And we are no longer just talking about language or health infrastructure, but also when it comes to the economy. For this reason, it is very important to be aware of how necessary it is to close a travel insurance for Cape Verde in advance. In this way, you will be able to enjoy your trip much more calmly and without having to get overwhelmed by any unexpected problem.

For all this, whether you are planning a business trip, a family trip or a romantic getaway with your partner, it is always advisable to have adequate health insurance by your side that supports you, and covers any medical expenses that you may have. you require.

Although Cape Verde is one of the safest countries in Africa, we reiterate the fact of being out of your comfort zone in a place where another language is spoken, and where you do not know how the health system works.

In short, finding good insurance to travel to Cape Verde is essential, even more so with the health crisis suffered by Covid. We hope we have made you aware of the danger that not hiring any would entail. It is so, right?

If this year you are going to spend 15 days or more in Cape Verde, the most recommended IATI Insurance is IATI Star + Cancellation

Descuento Seguros IATI para África

Problems that may occur on your trip, and this medical travel insurance for Cape Verde can solve:

Thefts and Robberies

Although Cape Verde is a fairly safe country, as is logical, this kind of country cannot be compared to Europe in terms of security. As there are no large crowds of people in cities, or massive tourist spots, you may avoid this kind of incident. But depending on the environment in which you move, or the hours in which you travel in the largest cities, this kind of incident can occur. Especially, in the most inhabited cities like Praia.

Loss of your mobile, camera or electronic devices

Although this already depends more on your attention and concern, who has not ever had a problem of this type…

In addition to the monetary value of the lost device, it will also be a disgrace for the information or content that they may store. With Cape Verde travel insurance, you will mitigate this type of loss.

Have an accident

Being small islands, not especially populated, you will not see the overwhelming traffic of the big European cities. But if you decide to drive through Cape Verde, you will need to exercise extreme caution since you do not know the form or ability to drive they have. And we are no longer referring only to accidents, but also to breakdowns or problems that you may suffer with your vehicle.

Food poisoning

The gastronomy of Cape Verde will pleasantly surprise you, because it is spectacular. But I think I speak for everyone if I say that at some time in our lives we have suffered from acute indigestion or food poisoning in restaurants.

In this case, although Cape Verdean food is usually very much to the liking of the Spanish, keep in mind that our stomachs are not usually used to foreign food or food from other cultures. It depends on the delicacy or sensitivity of your stomach, but it could be the case.

Common diseases of Africa

First of all, it should be noted that being an island, Cape Verde has historically been more exempt from serious African problems in terms of diseases or epidemics. The same has happened with the Coronavirus. Being a much less diminished country than other Africans.

However, if we have not carried out the recommended vaccine protocol, we will be exposed to some of these diseases such as malaria or dengue. Let yourself be advised by IATI insurance, and pay attention to the recommendations that they indicate regarding vaccines.

The Best Cape Verde and Africa Travel Insurance

As in love not only with Cape Verde, but with Africa. A continent much forgotten by international tourism, but little by little it is establishing itself as a special and unique tourist destination.

And what I have learned the most from this is that the first thing to do as soon as you buy the plane ticket is to take out travel insurance . But not just any one, but the best travel insurance in Cape Verde and Africa.

Luckily, a few years ago we discovered IAITI Insurance, and since then we have found the perfect partner for our African adventures. We can say that so many of us, like our travelers, have never suffered any type of problem or inconvenience thanks to IATI. For us, the number 1 Insurer for our trips to Cape Verde and Africa in general. We are also pleased to finally announce that after several months, we have obtained an exclusive discount for our readers who want to contract their Medical Insurance for Cape Verde.

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IATI Mochileros Cabo Verde

Why do we consider IAITI to be the Best Travel Insurance on the Market?

After many years trying different insurances, I did not finish seeing the difference between one and the other beyond economic aspects. Until I had my first “international problem”, and the truth is that I was not at all happy with the treatment they gave me.

That is why, from that moment on, I decided to pay more attention to choosing the insurer that could best suit me, or at least the one that could offer me the most guarantees and the best treatment. Since I tried IATI Seguros a few years ago, I have not tried another. I consider that it is by far the best travel insurance I have had so far, the one that offers me the most guarantees and confidence, and also the one with the best prices on the market.

The cheapest insurance to travel to Cape Verde and Africa

Something that I realized after trying many travel insurances, is that most of them have abusive prices , for what they really offer. Logically, my goal was to find cheap medical insurance, but one that offered me absolute guarantees that they could attend to me in practically any situation.

To give you an idea, on my first trips my vibe was more “adventurous and backpacker”, so I didn’t want to spend much of my budget on insurance for just 7 days.

For this reason, searching blogs and forums, I found many recommendations about the insurer IATI, which offered among its types of travel insurance one focused on backpackers . As it is! Even if it didn’t have a very high budget, it was ideal for any backpacker who wanted to cover their medical expenses abroad .

Price comparison with other travel insurers:

So that you can better appreciate the difference in prices between IATI and other Cape Verde travel insurance, I leave you some data on the money I paid with other Companies:

  • IATI Backpackers : Between 60 £ and 80 £
  • Travel Insurance Alliance: 250 £
  • Word Nomads Travel Insurance: 260 £
  • Interworld Travel Insurance: 380 £
  • ERV Travel Insurance: 620 £

As you can see the difference is abysmal. The next cheapest travel insurance for Cape Verde is 180 £ more. And in some cases, I paid up to 470 £ more! than with IATI Backpacker Travel Insurance.

If this year you are going to spend 15 days or more in Cape Verde, the most recommended IATI Insurance is IATI Star + Cancellation

You can communicate with them in your language

Another thing that I greatly valued was being able to communicate with my insurer in English. And we will agree that in situations of crisis or certain tension, it is much more comfortable and advisable to communicate in our mother tongue. With IATI you will not have to worry because it´s an international company, working for many countries.

Offers the best coverage in the entire market

Thanks to the wide variety of plans offered by IATI insurance, it is easy to find the Cape Verde travel insurance that best suits the style of your vacation. IATI Backpackers insurance covers all basic needs, making it a much more interesting and economical option than other insurers . But if you are traveling as a couple, or with your family (young children included), you will surely be interested in taking a look at other plans offered by IATI.

Our recommendation for these cases is the IATI Estrella + cancellation plan . Especially after suffering the Covid health crisis.

How much does it usually cost to take out Cape Verde travel insurance with IATI?

As we have previously mentioned, IATI offers a variety of plans according to the needs of each traveler. But in any case, their prices are really cheap , and much fairer than the rest of the competition. I assure.

So that you can find out a little better the costs of travel insurance for Cape Verde, and the coverage offered by each type of plan, take a look at the table below.

We have established an average of 14 travel days (two weeks), which is the most common among travelers, to make the estimate.

Coverage offered by each IATI plan

Mejores seguros de viaje para Cabo Verde
Iati seguros

What travel insurance do I need for Cape Verde? – Get a 5% discount on your IATI insurance

Once you have fully informed yourself about which IATI insurance plan to choose, it is time to contract it as soon as possible to avoid future scares.

In Holidays2Capeverde Blog , we are pleased to announce that after much effort we have managed to get IATI to provide us with a 5% discount coupon for all our readers . In addition to having the best prices in the travel insurance market, we give you the opportunity to pay even less than its real price. Purchase IATI insurance through our website (by clicking on the links or banners), and enjoy that exclusive discount.

If this year you are going to spend 15 days or more in Cape Verde, the most recommended IATI Insurance is IATI Star + Cancellation

Click on the banner and enjoy our discount with IATI Seguros, because it is for a limited time!

Is it safe to travel to Cape Verde?

As we understand that this can be a concern for our travelers, throughout the Cape Verde Travel Guide , we have tried to make it clear that; YES it is a safe country .

Obviously you will not find the same degree of security as other European countries, but you will not find it in the rest of the world either. Cape Verde, being a conglomeration of small islands, has been more exempt from the social and political conflicts characteristic of Africa. In addition, as it is an increasingly touristic country, the Government pays great attention to the well-being of its citizens and its visitors .

My opinion (and many too) is that it is the safest African country.

All this does not mean that you should not take out medical insurance for your trip. It is a “must” for any international trip of this type. We ask you to be aware of this.

How to contract your Travel Insurance to Cape Verde cheaper with IATI

I understand that if you have reached this part of the article, it is because you have decided to take out IATI Insurance . I guarantee you will not regret it! You can also enjoy the special discount for our readers.

So that you go straight to the point, and it is quick and easy for you to contract the insurance, we are going to accompany you step by step in the process of contracting an IATI travel insurance for Cape Verde.

1st Step: Access IATI Seguros through this link to obtain the 5% discount .

2nd Step: You will access another screen, where you must choose the IATI Travel Insurance that best suits your travel plan (the most recommended is the IATI Star + Cancellation Insurance).

IATI Travel Insurance Cape Verde

3rd Step: On the new screen, you must fill in your personal data, and click “Continue”.

Travel insurance cape verde

4th Step: Choose the payment method you prefer.

5th Step: Fill in your payment information and click on “Pay”​.

6th Step: You will receive an email with a purchase confirmation message, and soon your travel insurance.

Step 7: Share it with your travel companions, and remind them to take out their travel insurance before visiting Cape Verde

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