Boa Vista Cape Verde

With only 30 km wide and another 30 long, the Boa Vista Cape Verde is an impressive archipelago; of paradisiacal beaches, calm ocean and fantastic weather. Despite being the third largest island in the country, it has just 14,000 inhabitants , so much of the island is deserted. It is by the way, the closest island to the African continent.

Being almost a round island, the African wind, the tropical sun and the volcanic soil have given the Boa Vista Cape Verde some impressive characteristics that delight all its visitors. Surely for this reason, it has become the second island with the highest demand for tourists.

If Boa Vista Island is one of your options for your holidays, stay with us and learn everything you need about it!

Holidays in Boa Vista Cape Verde

The Boa Vista Cape Verde has become the main competitor of Isla de Sal, in terms of the number of visitors it attracts each year. With more than 190,000 tourists a year , it is the second island of Cape Verde that has the most vacationers. Almost 30% of the total of Cape Verde Islands.

Known especially for its ideal conditions for water sports such as Surfing, Kitesurfing or Windsurfing, the Boa Vista Cape Verde is to be explored and enjoyed to the fullest.

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Main Cities of Boa Vista Island Cape Verde

Also considered as the Island of the Dunes , the truth is that it only has one important city; Sal Rei . Being a mostly desert island, there are no cities with many inhabitants. In fact, Sal Rei brings together practically half the population in its streets.

To the southwest of the island is also the city of Rabil . Known mostly for having a nice oasis with coconut and palm trees.

Sal Rei

Considered the heart of the municipality of the Island of Boavista, Sal Rei is also the capital and the one with the largest number of inhabitants. with 7,500.

Despite being the capital, Sal Rei is a very quiet city with typical characteristics of European influence . It is full of beaches and tourist services of all kinds. So if you decide to travel to the Boa Vista Cape Verde, you will almost certainly stay in Sal Rei.

In the front bay, where you will barely see waves, there is a small island with the remains of the fort of the Duke of Braganza. Built by the Portuguese against pirate attacks. If you have free time, it is worth going to see it.


In Rabil, in the southwest of the island, you can visit a small pottery workshop and the church of São Roque. Otherwise, the town gives a rather desert-like impression. In the direction of Estância de Baixo, there is a small oasis with coconut and date palms that is really beautiful to see. It is not a “must” to visit, but if you spend the summer in Isla Boa Vista, it is worth visiting one day.

Santa Monica Beach | The Most Beautiful beach in Cape Verde

The Boa Vista Cape Verde is known and desired for its wonderful beaches. Together with Isla de Sal, they are the two archipelagos that have the longest and most beautiful beaches in the country.

Santa Monica Beach (Praia de Santa Monica), south of Boa Vista, is even considered the most beautiful beach in Cape Verde, and one of the best in all of Africa . Its views are impressive and you can even see the islands of Maio and São Nicolau, from the observation point of Rocha Estância.

DID YOU KNOW THAT… Santa Monica Beach is considered one of the 20 Most Impressive Beaches in the World!

Where to stay in Boavista Cape Verde

The best (and almost only) option is to stay in the capital ; Sal-King. It is where you will find the greatest variety of offer, and where practically all the tourists are concentrated.

Being a very touristic destination, you will not have major problems finding a hotel that suits your needs. There are many types, and different price ranges, but we recommend that you do not take too long to reserve them, because they usually fly. Especially in high season.

To make your decision easier, and not fall into the typical mistakes of vacationers, we wanted to provide you with a list of the best accommodation options in Boa Vista Island. It will surely be of great help to you!

Flights to Boa Vista Cape Verde

The Isla Boa Vista International Airport is located in the city of Pereira. Just 5 km south of Sal Rei. It is not excessively large, but it is the third Cape Verdean airport in terms of passenger traffic.

Depending on your country/city of departure, the prices and duration of the flight will change. So it is difficult to make a price forecast. In any case, we leave you a list with the best and cheapest options to travel to Boa Vista from different places.

How to get from Boa Vista Island Airport to my Hotel?

If you have decided to spend your holidays on the Boa Vista Cape Verde in Cape Verde, it is normal for you to stay in the city of Sal Rei . If so, it won’t be too hard to get to your hotel once you get off the plane.

The city of Sal Rei is only 5 km away from the Boa Vista International Airport. You can take a taxi at the airport itself, and it will not cost you more than €15 . There is also the option of taking buses to go to the city, but perhaps the most practical and quickest way is to use a taxi. Sometimes public transport in Cape Verde is a bit slow.

If you prefer, you can rent a car for the days you are in Boa Vista. Without a doubt, it is the best option to travel throughout the archipelago and discover every corner of it.

Things to do in Boa Vista Cape Verde

Is it your first time in Boa Vista Island? Don’t worry, with our Guide you can have an overview of everything the island has to offer .

Being the second most touristic island in the country, the options are almost endless: beaches, excursions, water sports, local tourist places, nightlife…

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Learn to Surf, Kitesurf or Windsurf

The Boa Vista Cape Verde is a paradise for surfers . Its beaches weather conditions are perfect for water sports such as surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, or swimming. There are classes for beginners and other environments more focused on experts, or even professionals who choose Boa Vista as their training place.

Also very popular is the Boavista Ultra Marathon, with a 150 km race through crystal clear beaches and deserts.

Enjoy a day of fishing

Thanks to its waters and its active marine life, the Boa Vista Cape Verde offers total guarantees to enjoy a great day of fishing. Some professional fishermen rent their own boats for boardwalks. Not only will you be able to try fishing, but you will also enjoy a pleasant walk through the ocean.

Relax on its Paradisiacal Beaches

Perhaps it was not necessary to mention it, because surely this was the main reason for your trip to Boa Vista Island, but it is worth repeating.

The beaches of Isla Boa Vista are impressive. You will feel in a tropical paradise and you will have no excuse not to relax . Remember that in Boavista Island you will find what for many is the most beautiful beach in Cape Verde: Praia de Santa Mónica.

Enjoy the Impressive Fauna of Boa Vista

Depending on the period, the Boa Vista Cape Verde in Cabo Vede is one of the favorite destinations for migratory birds. You will find more than 150 different types of birds, which attract professional observers from all over the world.

As for the ocean, it is an explosion of colors, fish, dolphins, turtles and whales. And don’t worry about sharks: the abundance of fish in these waters keeps them away and there are no real dangers for bathers and fishermen. You cannot leave Cape Verde without having seen the famous Loggerhead Turtles.

Explore Sal Rei – Capital of Boa Vista Cape Verde

Every once in a while, it’s worth leaving the arena for something more cultural. Visiting Sal Rei will allow you to learn about the history of the island and discover the cultural influences that its people and architecture have.

It is also an ideal place to buy souvenirs, or try the local food of the country. And if you are looking for a little party and nightlife , we assure you that you will have a great time!

Visit the Viana Desert

One of the most surprising landscapes on the island are the incredible sand dunes of the Viana desert. A must-see if you stay on Cape Verde’s Boavista Island.

You can discover them on a half-day excursion that will also give you the opportunity to admire the famous Santa Maria shipwreck.

Where to Eat in Boa Vista Cape Verde

Boavista’s Cape Verdean cuisine is a mix of European, African and South American culture . Mainly based on rice and fresh fish, but also includes pasta, meat, greens, vegetables and cheese.

Goat cheese is the particularity of the place, and usually accompanies most dishes. Tuna, greenhouse and garopa are the 3 main fish and are served daily in restaurants.

The price of eating in restaurants is not very high, so we recommend you try several of them during your vacation in Boa Vista.

How to move around the Boa Vista Cape Verde?

Even if Cape Verde’s public transport doesn’t work badly, you will have to take it with a little patience . In any case, although they are far from “German punctuality”, it is a means widely used by tourists who want to move around Boa Vista.

The most used transports are the Bus and the Taxi. It is best that you ask your hotel for the schedule and routes of all the buses so that you can organize yourself as well as possible.

You also have the option of renting a car for a few days. It is the most comfortable and easiest option to move around the island.

Frequently Asked Questions about Boa Vista Cape Verde

How many inhabitants live on Boa Vista Island?

Cape Verde’s Boavista Island has a total population of 15,000. Although it is the third largest island in the country, much of it is deserted.

What is the Capital of Boa Vista Island?

Its capital is Sal-Rei. It has around 7,500 inhabitants, and is the tourist centre of the island, and where most hotel services are concentrated.

Number of tourists per year?

In recent years, the island of Boa Vista has established itself as the second most popular island in Cape Verde. Currently, around 190,000 tourists visit the island every year.

Is Boa Vista Island safe?

With a large number of tourists, and being one of the main economic centres of the country, it is a very safe island. There is hardly any crime rate, and serious altercations with tourists are rare.

Boa Vista Cape Verde Map