Brava Cape Verde

Beautiful sunrises, breathtaking sunsets, rainbows of beautiful flowers, and sunny days at the foot of the Atlantic Ocean. is what awaits you if you travel to Brava Cape Verde.

Isla Brava is the smallest of the Cape Verde Islands , and the least inhabited , with around 6,700 inhabitants. But not only that, it is also the greenest and liveliest , naturally speaking, found in that row of islets and archipelagos that constitute the Federal Republic of Cape Verde.

If you are one of those people who like to tour the magnificence that the globe has to offer, this destination can be a great vacation spot. Let’s discover this archipelago!

Holidays in Brava Island Cape Verde

Being the smallest in size of the natural formations that make up this African Republic, you can find everything. In this tourist pearl, you can do many activities and visit emblematic places.

Quite high peaks and valleys share spaces in a mini paradise where there is an opportunity to appreciate many beauties that contrast in their exuberance. Connoisseurs recommend visiting Faja de Agua , which is mandatory. Every tourist who visits Isla Brava on vacation cannot miss this beautiful town.

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Faja de Agua Brava Island

Main cities of Brava Cape Verde

Isla Brava has 12 locations and they are all charming. However, only one of them can be classified as a main city (although it really is also a small town).

Nova Sintra do Monte

Nova Sintra do Monte is the capital of this cozy island. Its architecture is marked by an undeniable colonial seal that remains almost intact. As it is not a particularly touristic city within Cape Verde, it maintains practically all its purity intact.

To get an idea of how small it is, saying that it has around 1,900 inhabitants is enough, right?

Nova Sintra do Monte Cabo Verde

Where to stay in Isla Brava?

Tourists who choose Isla Bravaas a destination, they find a small but select range of hotels where you can spend the night after a great day of beauty and adventure. For example:

Djabraba’s Eco Lodge Giandinoto’s Place , which is located in the capital, Nova Sintra. They offer cozy and clean rooms; Free wifi and a beautiful garden. They also offer continental breakfast.

According to visitors to Isla Brava who have stayed there, the service is extremely good, since seeing few tourists, there is an exquisite service. Forty-five comments describe it as “fantastic”.

Hotel Nazareth: This hotel is also located in the capital Nova Sintra. It has a multilingual reception staff, they speak English, Portuguese and Spanish. They will offer you good advice to guide your vacation on Isla Brava.

Villa Vicente: cozy hotel also located in Nova Sintra, has been praised for its careful attention “it makes the visitor feel at home”, they comment. It provides beautiful views of the mountains , and offers free Wi-Fi with “ excellent” connectivity, according to tourists. It has extensive terraces and visits to the mountains.

Residential Nos Raiz: it is located in front of the beach. In Faja de Água , but very close to the capital. It has free Wi-Fi. It has bar service and they organize Happy Hour with additional payment. It is well recommended.

Normally, the rates for these accommodations range between 35 and 40 pounds .

Flights to Brava Cape Verde

There are several airlines with which you can get to Brava Cape Verde, such as Binter Cabo Verde. You can also do it by the CV Interllhas ferry service between islands. TAP Portugal is another airline that offers many flights to the Cape Verdean country.

How to get from the airport to my hotel?

Generally, thanks to a taxi or renting your own vehicle. Normally, the latter is the option that we usually recommend to our readers to make the most of their stay on the island.

What to do in Brava Island Cape Verde?

Isla de Brava, is also called the island of flowers due to the quantity and variety of species that you will find there. It is a place for adventurous people who, paradoxically, also like to relax and explore. The visitor to Brava can tour the island in one day , if he wants to. Of course, with tranquility to enjoy the panorama and the aroma of this charming island. Hiking is preferred in Brava.

CURIOUS FACT! On June 24, the festivities of San Juan are celebrated, with pilgrimages throughout the islet. Dances, songs and much, much joy!

Also on this island, you can enjoy serene lakes. Fish in Faja de Água or choose to take a historical and architectural tour that includes the baroque church or the multitude of colonial houses that abound there.

And how, just like on its sister islands, you can enjoy water sports in its crystal clear waters.

Brava Cape Verde

Frequently Asked Questions about Brava Island

How many people live in Brava Cape Verde?

Specifically, 6,895 inhabitants live on this island today. Although it can be said that it is a very crowded place, considering that almost 103 people live on each square kilometre of the island.

What is the capital of Brava Island?

Its capital is Nova Sintra, with just under 2,000 inhabitants, and the town with the largest number of hotels and cultural venues.

Is it too touristy?

The truth is that Isla Brava receives hardly any international tourism. At least if we compare it with its sister islands. But it is common among local tourism

Is Isla Brava safe?

Being such a small island, it is easy to keep track of public safety, so it is a fairly safe island.