Cape Verde Airports

If you plan to spend your holidays in Cape Verde uou should know that in terms of internal and external transport for its residents, it is essential to have airports, as it is an archipelago with a highly fragmented territory. Discover everything you need to know about the Airports in Cape Verde that generate more than 25% of its GDP for the country, by reading this post.

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How many Airports are there in Cape Verde?

This is one of the most visited tourist destinations throughout the year , which is why the Airports in Cape Verde are always crowded.

Tourism is the key and the engine of its air market, for which the government has taken pains to provide innovative Cape Verde Airports to facilitate the movement of locals and visitors in its territory and to any other destination abroad.

Its inhabitants have outstanding Cape Verde Airports, four of them international and three national; located on its islands Sal, São Vicente, Praia, the capital, and Boa Vista, where the highest index of tourist activity in the archipelago is reflected.

The air transport of the Airports in Cape Verde is enhanced by the fact that the archipelago has long beaches and numerous natural wealth that attract visitors all year round, which has been verified by the National Institute of Statistics of Cape Verde.

For example, for the year 1998 tourism represented 4% of the GDP while as of 2010 it reached 25% and continues to increase, which is largely due to the Cape Verde Airports.

Airports in Cape Verde

Know all the Cape Verde Airports

To reach this archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean from anywhere in the world it is necessary to use the services of a Cape Verde airport .

Aristides Pereira International Airport

This Cape Verde airport is located on the island of Boavista , just 5 km south of the city of Sal Rei and ranks third in terms of passenger traffic.

Its original name was Rabil Airport but since November 11, 2011 it has had its current name as a tribute to the first president of the Cape Verdean nation, Arístides Pereira.

Amilcar Cabral International Airport

Usually identified as Sal International Airport ; It owes its name to the revolutionary leader Amílcar Cabral, a prominent ideologue of independence.

It is the main airport in Cape Verde and is located on the island of Sal, 2 km west-southwest of Espargos , capital of the municipality.

Formerly and until 2005 it was the only one of the airports in Cape Verde that had international flights.

Nelson Mandela International Airport

In the city of Praia, belonging to Santiago Island, is the Nelson Mandela Cabo Verde Airport , opened on October 6, 2005 as a replacement for the Francisco Mendes International Airport .

Nelson Mandela Cape Verde Airport is located approximately 3 km northeast of the city of Praia and is specifically southeast of the island of Santiago.

In addition, it has a permanent taxi service that facilitates the influx and easy movement of passengers who use the airports in Cape Verde.

Cesaria Evora International Airport

This Cape Verde airport is the fourth in terms of passenger movement. It is located on the island of São Vicente, just 5 km from the city of Mindelo .

It was converted into an international airport as a result of the extensions carried out during 2005 and as part of its main operators it has Binter Cabo Verde and Cabo Verde Airline , among other airlines.

Sao Filipe Aerodrome

This airport is located on the island of Fogo , located southeast of its municipality São Filipe and in the vicinity of the Atlantic Ocean.

It is one of the most used Cape Verde Airports and its inauguration took place between the middle and the end of the 20th century.

Maio Aerodrome

Maio aerodrome is located north of Vila do Maio in Cape Verde. It has a suitable runway for ATR-type aircraft, intended for the transport of people, luggage and merchandise throughout different locations in the country .

It is managed by ASA and classified as a class 3C airport. It has two runways and is medium in size compared to the other airports in Cape Verde.

In addition, it is used to give flight classes to pilots who are just starting out in the fascinating world of aeronautics.

Preguica Aerodrome

It is another of the medium-sized Cape Verde airports , available on the island of São Nicolau of this archipelago.

The airlines that provide their services at São Nicolau Airport are: Curriculum Binter , Expreso de Cabo Verde and TACV , which transport all those passengers whose destination is Playa y Espárrago on the island of SAL.

In turn, Cape Verdeans use the services of Cape Verde Airports to move between the different islands of the archipelago in order to arrive comfortably, transfer supplies in the shortest possible time and carry out many other activities.

For this they use internal flights by air or national, provided through the Airports in Cape Verde.

What are the international Airports in Cape Verde?

The offer of airports in Cape Verde is really wide, having the following options to cover your international demand:

  • Arístides Pereira International Airport , on the island of Boavista
  • Amílcar Cabral International Airport , on Sal Island
  • Nelson Mandela International Airport , on Santiago Island
  • Cesária Évora International Airport , on the island of São Vicente

Nelson Mandela Cape Verde Airport: the largest in the country

This Cape Verde airport, as indicated above, is located on Santiago Island and was opened in 2005 , reviving a national flight from Sal Island plus an international flight by TACV, which departed from Lisbon.

In addition to being the largest among the airports in Cape Verde , it has a category 4D runway that is 45 meters wide and 2,103 meters long.

Its passenger terminal is divided into national and international areas, with a large baggage claim area and passport control to speed up the entry of all those who decide to travel to Cape Verde.

Cape Verde Airports