Best Cape Verde Beaches

Compared to many other holiday destinations, Cape Verde is still largely unknown. Aunque en los últimos años su turismo se ha multiplicado, todavía está lejos de ser un turismo masivo y se mantiene como un lugar casi virgen y paradisíaco. For this very reason, what many do not know is that the beaches of Cape Verde are and are recognised as some of the most impressive in the world.

With 9 islands to visit and a great diversity of landscapes and culture, the beaches of Cape Verde also have different characteristics depending on where they are located. For lovers of sea and sand, the beaches of Cape Verde are without doubt a real delight, and we can promise you that you will not be disappointed. Some of the best beaches in Cape Verde are considered some of the best in the world.

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So, what are the best beaches in Cape Verde?

We are sure that if you have chosen Cape Verde for your vacation , it is because you want to enjoy the best beaches in Cape Verde, so we are going to try to help you by naming what we consider to be the best beaches in Cape Verde.

Obviously you can try more than one during your vacation, but to give you an idea beforehand, pay close attention to these wonders of golden sand and turquoise water !

The 10 Best Beaches in Cape Verde

We share the saying “for tastes the colors” and that choosing which is the best beach in Cape Verde is quite subjective, but we wanted to make a Top 10 of our favorite beaches in Cape Verde .

We will try to give you an overview of the best beaches in Cape Verde on each island of the archipelago. Although the beaches of Sal and Boa Vista are the most popular, the other islands also have beautiful beaches.

#1 Santa Monica Beach in Boa Vista Island

Santa Monica Beach Cape Verde

It is considered the most beautiful beach in Cape Verde. And the truth is that just by seeing an image we can already believe it. Located in the southwest of the island of Boa Vista, it is the ideal place to get away from it all, as the beach stretches for 9 km. The white sands are perfect for long, romantic walks at sunset, and relaxing in the sun during the day. Enjoy one of the most unknown jewels not only in Africa, but in the entire world.

DID YOU KNOW… Santa Monica Beach is recognised as one of the 20 Best Beaches in the World.

#2 Santa Maria Beach on Sal Island

Beaches Cape Verde

Located in Sal, it is without a doubt one of the most popular beaches in Cape Verde, and the most frequented on the Island. With a long stretch of golden sand, it is a popular place for sun lovers and sports enthusiasts alike. water sports, where during the winter months it becomes a paradise for windsurfing, kite boarding and navigation. With colorful fishing boats dotted along the shore, a fishing pier, beach bars, and shallow blue waters lapping against the sand, Santa Maria Beach feels like paradise . Also , if you walk a few minutes, you will reach the famous Bikini Beach Club , one of the most popular clubs in all of Cape Verde.

#3 Chaves Beach in Boa Vista

Beach Chaves Boa Vista

When you see it, it gives the feeling of being a desert with endless sand dunes. Praia de Chaves deserves at least one visit to experience a unique beach environment. You will feel like the only person on the planet with 5.6 km of sand around you, so If you are looking to get away from everything and disconnect with the world, this is your beach . You’ll find a couple of hotels along the west coast of the island, one of them being the Iberostar Club Boa Vista, an all-inclusive hotel where you can wake up to the sound of waves crashing onto the shore. Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it?

#4 São Pedro Beach in São Vicente Island

São Pedro Beach Cape Verde

A true delight for water sports enthusiasts. Sao Pedro beach is possibly one of the best in the world for speed windsurfing. In addition , its landscape is spectacular, with small groups of volcanic rocks along the golden sand, and impressive and rustic mountains. Without a doubt, one of the best beaches in Cape Verde.

#5 Laginha Beach in São Vicente Island

Playa de Laginha en  Isla São Vicente

White sand that melts in your fingers, lapped by brilliant turquoise waters. Your visit to Laginha beach in Mindelo will not disappoint you . And if the sand and sea are not enough to tempt you, you also have wonderful views of the mysterious Santo Antão mountains , and a charming beach bar, Kalimba, serving tasty snacks and drinks. Just a short walk from the beach is Hotel Oasis Porto Grande and Hotel Kira’s , both wonderful accommodations on the island.

#6 Ponta Preta Beach Sal Island

Ponta Preta Beach Sal Island

Preta beach is close to Santa Maria. We could say that it is the quiet and more natural version of Santa María beach . Ponta Preta Beach is located in the southwest of the island, and is also known as “Black Beach”. In addition to being one of the best beaches in Cape Verde, it is an ideal place to see the famous Cape Verde turtles.

#7 Tarrafal Beach in Santiago Island

Playa de Tarrafal en Isla Santiago

Tarrafal Beach a few places higher, but there is so much to choose from! Tarrafal offers a beautiful mix of calm beaches, rocky landscape and lush green landscape . Make sure you have your camera ready as you will be amazed by the incredible sunsets from the other side of Pico de Fogo . If you visit the Island of Santiago, it is worth taking a look at its best beach.

#8 Calhau Beach in São Vicente Island

Which is the best beach in cape verde?

Calhau beach is totally different from the previous ones. That is why it had to be in our ranking of the best beaches in Cape Verde. Calhau beach offers incredible views of rocky terrain and volcanic landscape . Windsurfing is also common , although be careful!

#9 Maio Beach Maio Island

Maio Beach Maio Island

Another beach that makes us feel bad seeing it so far down, because it is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Cape Verde. Maio Beach in Santana is known for its large population of loggerhead sea turtles . Be sure to time your visit around the nesting period for turtles , usually in June and October. The young are born from mid-August to December.

#10 Fogo Beach in Fogo Island

Fogo Beach in Fogo Island

And we have reached the end of our ranking of the best beaches in Cape Verde! Fogo Beach in the city of Sao Filipe is known for its stunning black volcanic sand . Many believe that the volcanic sand has a healing effect and they lather in the sand for several hours. The dark color of the sand, sliding down the ocean, makes for an impressive sight. Make sure to bring your camera well charged!