Cape Verde Hotels – Which is the best? Comparison and Prices

One of the main strengths of tourism in the westernmost tip of the continent of Africa is the hotels in Cape Verde. In this article we will address everything you need to know about its quality, amenities and price comparison so that you can select your accommodation before traveling to Cape Verde and enjoy everything that this archipelago has to offer you.

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How are the Hotels in Cape Verde?

The boom in the construction of Cape Verde hotels is an obvious consequence of the increase in tourist demand in recent years, which has caused that more facilities are required every day to offer comfortable accommodation of a high standard.

It should be noted that the architecture, amenities, services and prices of hotels in Cape Verde are directly related to their location within the archipelago , so you will find different alternatives depending on the island you go to.

You will always find where to stay according to your budget, due to its wide variety of options and as a traveler you will be interested in knowing what the characteristics of the hotels in Cape Verde are.

In general, it can be said that most of them have a warm and pleasant atmosphere for you to enjoy your vacation, relaxing in the sun and swimming in exquisitely designed pools.

Some of them are modern and elegant, others sober and discreet, but in all of them you will find places ready to pamper your palate with sandwiches, drinks and gourmet delicacies.

There are hotels in Cape Verde close to the main beaches, with access to countless bars, restaurants and nightlife centers .

Based on the above, we can say that Cape Verde Hotels are up there with the best in the world.

The 10 Best Hotels in Cape Verde

We have created a selection of the best hotels in Cape Verde based on characteristics such as architecture, popularity, quality of services, prices, amenities and comfortable environment to offer its visitors, for this we use the eDreams platform , of recognized reputation within the tourism market.

Hotel Hilton Sal Cape Verde

Hotel Hilton Sal Cape Verde

The Hilton stands out in the list of Cape Verde Hotels , it is located at Avenida dos Hoteis , 4111 Santa María, on the Island of Sal and offers a first class service to its visitors.

It has a swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, a garden, 24-hour reception, tourist programs, an accessible beach, and more.

A room with a king-size bed in this chain of hotels in Cape Verde costs £160 per night, not bad for its elegance, know your availability .

Hotel Meliá Dunas Beach Resort & Spa

Cape Verde Hotels

This is another of the Cape Verde Hotels noted for its elegance and comfort; with easy access to the beach and deluxe double rooms for £166.

It offers the possibility of one- click reservations ; It is located at ZDTI Algodoeiro , 4112 Santa Maria , Isla de Sal.

Hotel Plateau Bedroom & Chamber – Praia Center

Hotel Plateau Bedroom & Chamber Cape Verde

This hotel is located at Rua Serpa Pinto 36 de Praia, with the beach 250 meters away and you can count on a double room for only £25 per adult plus another £2 of taxes and fees . More humble than other options, but very interesting if you travel to the capital of Cape Verde .

Check its availability here.

Hotel Pousada Praia María

Hotel Pousada Praia María

It has fully equipped rooms and an elegant atmosphere, with air conditioning, bathroom, TV and free continental breakfast each morning.

It is located at number 30, R. 5 de Julho , Praia, 300 meters from the beach and with single rooms from £44 a night; make your reservations .

Hotel Aquiles Eco

Hotel Aquiles Eco São Pedro

One of the elegant Cape Verde hotels available for overnight stays during your visit to the island of São Vicente.

It is located in São Pedro, just 3 km from the airport , it has double rooms at a cost of £74 and online reservations here ; in addition to having breakfast included and tempting vacation programs.

Laginha Beach Guest House

Laginha Beach Guest House

The Cabo Verde Hotels stand out for having accessible prices for all types of budgets, like this one, where the night in a single room is priced at £45.

You can easily reach its beaches and enjoy a comfortable discreet environment. Quickly make your reservation here , if you are visiting Mindelo in São Vicente Island.

Tienne Del Mar

Tienne Del Mar Cabo Verde

This other of the best hotels in Cape Verde is located on Rua Agustinho Neto Villa das Pombas Paul, 1210 Paul, Cape Verde.

It has comfortable family facilities, bar terraces and more. It offers you double rooms with mountain views for just £80 a night .

Check their availability and ensure your stay in Santo Antao in time.

Pedracin Village

Pedracin Village San Antao de Cabo Verde

One of the paradisiacal Cape Verde hotels that offers a single room and private bathroom for the modest sum of £38.

In addition, it has interesting amenities. You can book here and enjoy everything it has to offer when vacationing in San Antao, Cape Verde.

Quintal do Maio

Hoteles en Isla de Maio Cabo Verde

Cape Verde Hotels are found throughout its infinity of islands, like this one that stands out in Maio , accessible in Vila do Maio , where you can find an extremely cheap double room at a price of £14 a night . A very humble and cheap hotel that is worth thinking about if you are looking to spend as little as possible. You can specify your book here.

Hotel AH Maio

Hotel AH Maio

This is one of the ideal hotels in Cape Verde for those who need comfort and accommodation in shared rooms at a cost of £16, with a beach about 300 meters away, family facilities, clean, comfortable and with all services included. In our opinion, a more interesting option in Maio than the previous Hotel.

It is located in Cidade de Porto Inglês , 1000 Vila do Maio, consult its availability here.

What should I take into account before choosing a Hotel in Cape Verde?

In the cheap hotels in Cape Verde you will find a comfortable way to rest after spending a pleasant day on its wonderful beaches, but you may also want to have access to different amenities to increase your relaxation, so there are key points to consider during your stay. choice and thus not miss anything:

  • Consider the price of hotels in Cape Verde per night under the budget you have available.
  • Determine the type of visit you will make, whether for tourism and vacation purposes, work or if you are simply looking to relax in a luxury hotel.
  • Take into account the island you plan to visit ; since you can choose 5-star hotels in Cape Verde or simple accommodation to rest and sleep, reserving money for other activities.
  • It is important that you pay attention to its location , as this will mean that you must stay near your favorite activities or hire a car to move around.
  • Analyze different purchase options , especially those that include air travel , hotel and tours; such as the packages available at eDreams , with which you will undoubtedly save money and do not miss out on the best in each location.
  • Find out about its facilities, entertainment and ease of access to the beach, so that you can get there on foot, among other things, since it is always recommended that you compare different options.

Where are the Best Hotels in Cape Verde?

The offer of Cape Verde hotels is really wide, some of them are more luxurious than others and offer unique facilities that you will really take advantage of during your visit to this African town, whether you choose to go through its 10 islands or prefer one specifically.

Thanks to the experienced tourist boom, a large part of the best hotels in Cape Verde are concentrated on Sal Island . However, you will also find comfortable accommodation on any of its other islands.

It should be noted in this case that you have, for example, an interesting ecological hotel on the north coast of Boa Vista Island ; from the incomparable Hilton Cabo Verde Sal Resort in Santa María or the Tienne del Mar in Pombas .

For those who enjoy resting surrounded by a mountain environment, there is Casa Cavoquinho in Paul Valley , but nothing like the magical sea environment of Oasis Praiamar in the city of Praia.

In short, if you are looking for 5-star hotels in Cape Verde , the best alternative for you to find them is definitely Isla de Sal, as it is its most touristic location. In our article of Hotels in Sal Island of Cape Verde , you will be able to see some of them.

Best Hotels in Cape Verde

Most Popular Hotel Chains in Cape Verde

Tourism in Cape Verde has grown progressively in recent years, registering a large influx of visitors in its territory and occupying the first place in West Africa.

This has generated a source of interest for many hotel chains that make themselves felt with their presence in the most important cities, such as Hilton Hotels , Meliá Hotels & Resorts, Riu Hotels , The Hotels and Pestana Hotel Group , representing the most popular hotels in Cape Verde.

One of the chains that has the largest number of infrastructures in Cape Verde Hotels is Riu , among which are elegant 5-star accommodation such as Riu Palace Santa Maria , Riu Cabo Verde and Riu Touareg , among others.

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