Cape Verde Islands

In this section we are going to try to help you get to know all the Cape Verde Islands better . In this way, you will be able to be clearer about which Islands to visit in your Cape Verde holiday; know the one that best suits you or how to move between them.

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Travel to the Cape Verde Islands

For several years, the Cape Verde Islands have become a very popular tourist destination in much of Europe. The tourists who travel to the Islands of the Cape Verdean country could be comparable to those who travel to the paradisiacal islands of the American Caribbean ( Mexican Coast , Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico…). People looking for a paradisiacal vacation in a dream place of virgin beaches and crystal clear waters. For this reason, the Cape Verde Islands are popularly known as the African Caribbean. And they are not without reason!

The difference with respect to the other Caribbean is that the African archipelago has something special; different from the type of overcrowded tourism that is seen on other Caribbean coasts. In addition, staying in a continent like Africa means that there is a mix of cultures and landscapes that are much more unknown and exciting for most travelers . Surely that is the key to the success of the Cape Verde Islands!

Where are the Cape Verde Islands?

African continent . Specifically in the northwestern part. The closest country to the Cape Verde archipelagos is Senegal.

The different islands that make up the country extend over a length of 4,000 square km in the Atlantic Ocean. Being Boa Vista the closest Cape Verde island to the African continent , and Santo Antão the furthest.

Islands that make up Cape Verde: how many are there?

There are a total of 9 inhabited Cape Verde Islands. Although due to the distance between them, the archipelago of the Republic of Cape Verde is divided into two groups according to their wind direction :

1st Cape Verde Island Group: Barlevento Islands:

There is one more island in this Group; Santa Luzia. But as it is disabled, it is not taken into account very much.

2nd Cape Verde Islands Group: Leeward Islands:

¿Cuál es la Isla de Cabo Verde más grande?

Santiago is the largest island in Cape Verde. It is also home to the country’s capital, Praia. Half of Cape Verde’s population lives in Santiago . It is the economic, historical and political heart of the Cape Verde Islands.

Which Cape Verde Islands did I visit?

With the islands so far apart from each other, each has a different climate and its own cultural identities . Therefore, you will be able to enjoy a multiple experience and discover more than one culture and lifestyle, since traveling internally between the islands is not as complicated as it may seem.

In any case, to know where to book your hotel and establish your point of arrival, we are going to help you with a quick identification of each island of Cape Verde . So you can choose which one intrigues you the most.


It is the main island of Cape Verde, whose capital, Praia, is located in the south. It is the largest city in the country, so it has large and colorful markets, beautiful architecture and a wide variety of bars and entertainment venues. If you are looking for atmosphere at all hours, and to be able to listen and dance to live music, it is surely your best option .


It is the tourist island par excellence . In the last 10-15 years it has become a massive tourist destination for those looking to relax on perfect beaches and with an ideal temperature throughout the year. It is undoubtedly the most famous and popular island in Cape Verde, and where you will find more tourists like you.

Boa Vista

It is the second most popular and tourist island, after Sal. You will also find excellent beaches with turquoise water, but if the island of Boavista stands out for something, it is its excellent conditions for water sports. If you are a lover of Surfing, Kitesurfing or Windsurfing , it must be your chosen island. It also has a well-known and prestigious marine wildlife for experts.

Santo Antao

If you like hiking, Santo Antão is your island . And even if you are not an active hiker, this island is a must see. The beautiful nature and relaxing atmosphere make it a perfect vacation destination. In addition, they say that the inhabitants of Santo Antão are the most friendly and relaxed.

Sao Vicente

It is known as the cultural heart of the Cape Verde Islands . Perhaps for this reason, it is the best Cape Verdean island to celebrate Carnival. If he catches you around those dates… don’t hesitate! It was also the island where independence began to take shape.


Many refer to this island as “the forgotten island” . It is a few kilometers from Santiago, but it is a completely different world. If you are looking for moments of relaxation, hanging out on the beach and recharging your batteries, you may have to go to Maio . Its marine fauna is one of the most spectacular in the Cape Verde Islands.

Sao Nicolau

It is another great island for lovers of hiking and nature . Its capital, Ribeira Brava, is impressive for its old buildings. It may not be the best option to stay, but we recommend your visit.


It is an island known for having the only active volcano in Cape Verde . For that reason alone, it is a must-see for travelers to the Cape Verde Islands. Interestingly, it is also said that the “most beautiful people in the world” live there . Due to a unique mix of European and African influences. So if you are single why not give it a try!


It is the smallest island of Cape Verde, but no less beautiful for that. It can only be reached by ferry, therefore it is not the destination of many tourists. But if you have enough time, go ahead and visit it. For the very fact of having little tourism, it is perhaps the most authentic island in Cape Verde today .

What is the best Cape Verde Island?

That said, it is difficult to choose which is the best Cape Verde Island. Each one of them has something special, and its space in our little hearts. It also depends a lot on your tastes or travel preferences. Your way of understanding vacations may be different from that of your friends or family. That is why we always recommend visiting several Cape Verde Islands during your stay.

If it helps you, we can tell you that the most popular for tourism is the Isla de la Sal . Followed by Boa Vista. But we repeat that everything will depend on your preferences and priorities.

If you still have doubts about which is the best island in Cape Verde, keep reading our Blog!

How to move between the Cape Verde Islands?

This is an important question, because regardless of the island where you stay, it is advisable to visit other Cape Verde Islands.

Although we have commented that there are considerable distances between the islands, fortunately there is a good connection between them . Obviously they don’t have a “Norwegian” reliability, but it is quite easy to move between the Cape Verde Islands.

Sometimes there is little information on how to get around the Islands, so we recommend that you keep this article safe!

Lo primero que has de saber es que hay dos opciones; en avión o ferry.

Move by Ferry around the Cape Verde Islands

To be honest, the ferry connections between the Cape Verde islands are not very reliable. There are often delays or they are cancelled, due to sea conditions. So do not get angry or alarmed if you are told that a certain trip has had to be cancelled. The first thing is health!

The good thing about traveling by ferry is that it is a much cheaper option than traveling by plane. Of course, arm yourself with patience and better not go in a hurry, because they usually take it easy.

The average cost of a one – way ferry ticket is around 2,200 escudos (around €20). Although depending on the routes and dates the price may vary.

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Mov between cape verde islands

Move by plane between the Cape Verde Islands

Without a doubt, it is the best option to move between islands. Although its price is a little more expensive than the ferry, it is worth it. The problem is that sometimes there are no daily flights or you cannot go from one island to another.

Domestic air travel in Cape Verde is managed by the company Binter Cabo Verde . Canary or Spanish citizens who have traveled to the Canary Islands will recognize it easily, because it belongs to the same holding company as Binter Canarias.

Binter Cabo Verde connects most of the Cape Verde Islands. They go out several times a week. Only Santo Antão and Brava are the islands that do not have an airport.

The average cost of a domestic flight ticket (one way) is around 4,500 escudos (about 35£-40$).

Cape Verde Islands Map

Cape Verde Islands Map