Cape Verde Safety

When you travel around the world it is important to know if you will encounter any type of risk. Especially in continents or countries that have a culture and habits very different from yours. The same with their eating habits, which in some cases can cause inconveniences for the traveler. In order to inform you about your holidays in Cape Verde, in this article we will let you know what safety is like in Cape Verde, and in what situations you should be especially careful.

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Is Cape Verde safe for tourists?

When choosing Cape Verde as a tourist destination you will find one of the safest countries in Africa , since it is an archipelago that is characterized by being very calm and relaxed. However, it is also being affected by the economic crisis suffered throughout the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

They have friendly people who invite you to enjoy interesting activities as part of your vacation. In fact, Cape Verdeans are very hospitable to tourists , and they love to teach their customs and culture to their visitors. So in Cape Verde, security in tourism is the best in Africa.

Is Cape Verde safe for tourists?

You should not miss out on the important tourist attractions of this nation, but take all the precautionary measures that are recommended through the advice of your hotel. Especially if you decide to get to know the city on your own and want to get to know the place in depth.

An important recommendation as part of the preparation for your trip to Cape Verde and taking into account the incidence of Covid in the world, is to choose good travel insurance so that you have support in the event of any type of emergency that may arise unexpectedly. .

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Should I be especially careful at night?

There are many tourists who enjoy Cape Verde at night without experiencing any kind of problem, always being welcomed in bars or dance venues. Dare to walk its streets to enjoy Cape Verdean music, you will find friendly people who will offer you their hospitality.

In any case, you must understand that no matter how safe Cape Verde is, it will never be as safe as UK or US or other European countries . For this reason, you must take extreme precautions at night. Especially in the less traveled areas or far from the center. Try to avoid the outskirts late at night , and take a taxi to get to the hotel.

Most of the robberies have taken place in peripheral neighborhoods, far from the urban area. There are areas of Cape Verde that may be more conflictive due to poverty, it is something that you should always keep in mind. But we already say that it is a fairly safe country for Africa.

In which City should I be especially careful with Security in Cape Verde?

Probably , the city where you have to be most careful during your holidays in Cape Verde is Praia. The capital of Santiago Island and Cape Verde.

It is the largest and most populous city in the country, and as is often the case in the capitals of countries, there may be certain conflictive areas that it is better to avoid.

During the day you will not have many problems, but if you decide to go out at night, it is best that you take all possible precautions. For this, it is best that you inform yourself at your Hotel before leaving. They will advise you better about your safety.

Cape Verde Food Safety

You must follow a series of recommendations regarding food safety in Cape Verde. Above all, drinking bottled water and being careful when drinking milk, since it must be pasteurized. It is also advisable to be careful with the meat or ice cubes that you add to your drinks. Remember that ice is usually natural water, so it can be just as problematic. Perhaps not for everyone, but for the most delicate stomachs.

To feel safe in this sense, it is preferable that you consume your food in tourist restaurants and hotels , since they are made following strict food safety standards.

Is Cape Verde safe? : General recommendations

First of all, do not forget to ask for the necessary Visa to travel to Cape Verde. Without it, you will not be able to access the country. For more information you can visit our specific page on visas to Cape Verde .

Once you have it, we insist on the importance of contracting your travel insurance . More today with the crisis experienced by Covid19. It will avoid greater evils, and it is a basic requirement to travel to other continents. Here you can read more about the best travel insurance for Cape Verde .

On the other hand, be clear about the clothes you will need to visit Cape Verde. Preferably it is fresh and light. But for more information, find out about the climate of Cape Verde during the year.

If possible, include some mosquito repellent since there are many in the wettest months. Don’t forget sunscreen either, because it is one of the countries with the most hours of sunshine per day in the world.

Avoid drug use in this nation, since drugs are prohibited and punishable by jail , as well as their trafficking or possession. It is important that you always carry your identification documents with you and know how to get to the consulate of your country of origin.

Cape Verde Security: One of the safest African countries

Traveling to Cape Verde offers you the same security as many other nations in the world, but it is essential that you take into account the recommendations if you want to enjoy your vacation. It is the least we ask of you.

Through our travel guide, you can read for free the best safety recommendations for traveling to Cape Verde. And not only security aspects in Cape Verde, but also many other interesting things for your vacation.

In the case of Spanish citizens, they can go to the Embassy of UK in Praia.

Here ends our article on Security in Cape Verde. We hope it has helped you! And if you have finally decided to travel to Cape Verde, we already anticipate that you will not regret it. Here we wait for you!