Isla do Fogo

Fogo is another of the archipelagos that make up the Cape Verde Islands. This island is basically made up of a volcanic geology , to the point that its summit plume can be seen many hundreds of kilometers away. Pico Fogo boasts a height of 2,829 meters.

Fogo Cape Verde, belongs to the leeward archipelago and is located between the Santiago and Brava islands. It is relatively small, covering an area of just 476 square kilometers.

Holidays in Fogo Cape Verde

You will ask yourself: Why choose Fogo Island in Cape Verde as a tourist destination? Without a doubt, you must be one of those people that abound in the world to whom adventure attracts. The climate on this island is quite warm and the rains are low. When precipitation occurs, it occurs between the months of July and October, but it is not a guarantee of great rainfall.

To go to Fogo Cape Verde you should be attracted by the volcanoes and a rugged terrain where you can appreciate the traces that the volcanic movements have left in its geography; like a crater opened by the 2014 eruption. This will give you the feeling that you are in contact with a nature little intervened by man.

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Fogo Cape Verde

Main cities of Fogo Cape Verde

Its capital is Sao Filipe. But in that of municipalities, you will find the largest amount of population with just over 27,000 inhabitants. Since added to the almost 9,000 of its capital, they make Fogo Island a total of 36,500 inhabitants .

We highlight Mosteiros and São Filipe, as its two most important cities in Fogo Cape Verde:


Mosteiros is one of the 22 municipalities of Cape Verde, to visit it is to discover a welcoming place with people open to receiving new travelers. The great variety of fish animate its coast and the beauty of its endemic or autochthonous plants are an attraction for those who appreciate beauty and variety in nature. Its vast vegetation also contributes to those who love mother earth.

São Filipe

São Filipe is the capital of Fogo Island . It is considered the largest in the Republic of Cape Verde, after Ribeira Grande. Its foundation dates back to the 16th century, and is inhabited by 8,122 people , according to the latest census. A place that you should not miss due to its beauty is the Temple of Our Lady of the Conception, this before or after you have enjoyed hiking, whose geography absolutely lends itself to that. Catch vigorous fish or dedicate yourself to observing the local biodiversity that will not disappoint you in any way.

Where to stay in Fogo Cape Verde?

Visiting São Filipe, despite the fact that Fogo Island has been classified as a wild territory, will not lead to a headache in terms of accommodation. In Isla Do Fogo you can get comfortable hotels, hostels and cabins whose cost ranges between 15 and 35 pounds . In other words, there is an alternative for everyone.

Many places are counted throughout the capital, to rest after a pleasant, but exhausting walk. Most are located near places where games can be accessed for the enjoyment of visitors. You can find hotels with wifi, swimming pool and other amenities.

Terms like “fabulous”, to give an example, is an adjective used for Casa María 2.0, or “exceptional” to describe the stay at Ciza e Rosa, which offers free Wi-Fi, although it is fair to say that almost all are well weighted by the visitors.

CURIOUS FACT! One of its most impressive details is that the great peak of its volcano rises to 3,000 meters above sea level. As well as the huge crater that opened on the island when another major volcanic eruption occurred in 2014.

Flights to Fogo Cape Verde

It is important that to travel to Fogo Island , or any island of the Republic of Cape Verde, you must have your passport with an approximate validity of six months. If you are a European citizen and you do not intend to extend your trip beyond a month, you do not need a visa. Since the beginning of 2019, an airport security fee (TAS) of 30 pounds has been charged.

In the case that concerns us, visitors on vacation in Isla do Fogo are recommended, due to its volcanic origin, to be aware of all the information issued by the local authorities regarding the possible increase in seismic activity.

To get to Fogo Cape Verde , the capital São Filipe , by air, it has an airport where international flights arrive via Binter Canarias, TAP-Air Portugal and For those who move between the islands, only the Binter Cabo Verde company operates exclusively. By sea, tourists from the Cape Verde Islands can choose: if you arrive in Cape Verde by sea, with a pleasure boat, cruise or mini-cruise, you must present yourself at the checkpoints that the Maritime and Border Police have in the ports of Praia (Santiago), Mindelo (Sao Vicente) and Palmeira (Sal). The cruise from Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain) to Praia has a cost of around €700, the amount in days of navigation, is five days.

How to get from Isla Do Fogo Airport to my Hotel?

A taxi race is the most appropriate route . One of the great advantages that you will find in the taxi transfer from São Filipe Airport to any hotel in Fogo is that it will only take 5 minutes, and you will pay less than 7 pounds .

What to do in Fogo Cape Verde?

We had already discussed that to go to Ilha do Fogo , you must be one of those adventurous people. Fogo tourists can also relax by the seaside, sailing, but most choose to walk, hike to the volcanoes . A full day tour of the island is also offered and is highly recommended. As well as architectural and historical tours. In other words, a vacation on Fogo Cape Verde is synonymous with a different and adventurous vacation.

What to do in Fogo Cape Verde?

How to move around the Island?

Those who choose Fogo Cape Verde as a tourist destination have no major problems getting around, since they usually know how to appreciate the beauty of this peculiar geological formation.

If this is your case, you can choose to walk, since, as we have mentioned, hiking is a favorite on the island. You can sign up for a tour and move comfortably and with an air conditioner.

Don’t you want to go in a group? Well take a taxi, but do it when you go far. Remember that Isla de Fuego is not very big. The bicycle is another option, always pending official warnings about possible telluric movements. Remember that this territory moves, as usually happens where a volcano resides.

As you can see, you have many options, and all of them are very healthy!

Biking Cape Verde

Frequently Asked Questions about Fogo Island

How many people live in Fogo Cape Verde?

In total there are 38,600 people who live in this risky, but attractive place. Like all volcanic territory, the land of Fogo is extraordinarily fertile. Its economy is based on agriculture, wine and fish, and has been growing since 1940.

Is very turistic?

Although it is not a particularly popular island for vacations, it does attract many tourists who want to visit its incredible volcano.

What is the capital of Isla do Fogo?

The capital of Isla Do Fogo is São Filipe, fertile, multicolored and architecturally interesting.

Is Fogo Island safe?

There is very little criminal activity on Isla Do Fogo, as in most places in Cape Verde