Maio Cape Verde

We continue with our specialized guide on your vacations in Cape Verde Islands, it is the turn of another wonderful place ; Maio Cape Verde Island.

Maio is another island of volcanic origin , and one of the 22 municipalities of the Cabo Verde Republic. It is called Mayo in Portuguese. It is said that the erosion that the strong winds have produced on this islet has been so strong that they have completely flattened the territory. To such an extent that it resembles the deserts of Africa.

Salt was produced in this area until the last century. If you wonder; what is the tourist attraction of Maio ? We answer you: its beautiful waters . The sea around her is golden. Yes, it shines like gold in the sun, which is why you have to visit Maio Cape Verde . There you can practice water sports without problems.

In addition, in its waters you can delight yourself with different varieties of blue and a leafy dissimilarity of marine species.

Holidays in Maio Cape Verde

A vacation in Maio Cape Verde, is to guarantee days of tranquility, peace and unique moments to appreciate, without hustle and bustle, the wonders that nature offers you. Maio is one of the most virgin islands of the 9 habitable islands in the African country.

You can find secret beaches that will surprise you with their beauty. In truth, you should not miss the opportunity to visit them, but not only that, you can also come across deserts and forests on this peculiar and welcoming island with few inhabitants . Visit it, you won’t regret it!

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Main cities of Maio Cape Verde

Isla de Maio only has one main city, which brings together the vast majority of its inhabitants. Specifically, 80% of the 8,500 total inhabitants of Isla de Maio. Next we will know a little more about this peculiar city:

Porto Inglés

The main city of Isla Maio is Porto Ingles , previously known as Vila Maio . Like the rest of the place, it is a quiet place, whose center is a large square surrounded by a beautiful Baroque Church dating from 1872. In the middle of the city you can come across white sand that serves as a luxury carpet for travelers to Maio and a Fort that dates from the 18th century . What more could you want? History, multiplicity of natural landscapes and peace.

With just over 6,000 inhabitants , it is not only the most concentrated point of population on the island, but practically the only one.

Port Inglés Maio

Where to stay in Isla Maio Cape Verde?

Around 25 hotels await you in Maio , a paradox if you consider that the number of tourists who visit it is not exaggerated. Perhaps because they ignore the wonders that can be found there. The prices per night range between 17 and 54 euros , and the evaluation of the tourists varies between “very good and fabulous”.

Accommodations with restaurants, outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi, as well as free use of bicycles to explore Maio , contribute to the increase in prices, but everyone agrees that the attention is first class.

May Vacanze , Kaza Tropikal , Pensão Big Game Maio and A Caminhada , are just some of the names chosen at random, because those who have been there insist on praising the services that they all offer.

Flights to Maio Cape Verde

You will ask yourself; How can I get there?… The truth is that Binter Canarias is used a lot to fly to Maio. This company is widely used to transport tourists between the different islands that make up Cape Verde. Its users affirm that the prices are quite cheap. We do not recommend, of course, leaving aside the TAP Portugal service. Royal Air Maroc , among others that also offer good deals for your vacation in Maio Cape Verde.

How to get from the airport to my hotel?

At this point, it will depend on the amount of money you are willing to invest for your transfer. There are aeronautical services whose cost includes the value of the taxi to take you to the hotel where you will spend the night on the Island. However, a good option is the ” aluguer ” . That is, a van with ten seats whose itinerary is fixed and punctual. The ideal is to reach agreements with other groups to make the trip cheaper.

in May You can rent a vehicle with or without a driver, it depends on the independence you want to have on your tours. Thanks to our free Cape Verde travel guide, you won’t need a local guide to know where to go and where not to go.

What to do in Maio Cape Verde?

Boat tours and water sports are preferred by visitors to Maio , but city tours are not far behind either.

Practicing diving and snorkeling in these clean waters is almost a luxury that you will enjoy from start to finish with the beauty of its underwater diversity. Do not miss it!

Fishing excursions are also preferred by the vacationers of Isla Maio . The size of the fish you will see are impressive.

Another plan that cannot be missed is a visit to the Baroque Church of the 6th century , with its architectural delicacies. Touring the island by bicycle and enjoying its trails is also another popular activity during the holidays.

CURIOUS FACT! The famous “Loggerhead Turtles” are a special inhabitant of this island, so be sure to see them up close before you leave. So be sure to see them up close before you leave – you’ll be impressed by their size!

Turtles Maio

How to move around the archipelago?

As we have mentioned before, you can walk, go by bike, taxi or tourist buses, which comfortably accommodate ten passengers, everything will depend on your taste and your pocket.

Although the most advisable thing will always be to rent a car . At least that is what we recommend to discover every corner of the island.

Frequently Asked Questions about Maio Cape Verde

How many people live on Ilha do Maio?

According to the last population census, Isla de Maio is inhabited by 8,303 people who are spread over the 274.5 square kilometers that make up its surface.

What is the capital of Maio Cape Verde?

Its capital is Porto Ingles, which with around 6,000 inhabitants, is the only sizeable city on the island.

Are there many tourists during the year?

It is one of the islands with the fewest visits. In addition, practically all of them come from other national islands, not from abroad.

Is Maio Cape Verde safe?

Cape Verde is known as the African paradise, and one of the most remarkable things about the country is its security. Still and everything is always good to be cautious. Especially late at night