Praia Cape Verde

As part of your vacation within the Republic of Cape Verde, you have the opportunity to enjoy discovering exotic beaches, volcanoes, relaxing hiking trails, and colonial cities such as Praia Cabo Verde . An impressive place with friendly people, who live for dance and music.

Surely you are going to fall in love with this attractive capital of Cape Verde that is part of one of its Atlantic archipelagos, Santiago Island. Of which is Capital also.

Where is Cape Verde Praia

Praia is the capital of Cape Verde, which stands out for having an important commercial port and a sustainable fishing industry. This city was founded at the beginning of the 17th century, although it became the capital of Cape Verde in the mid-19th century.

Praia Cape Verde, is the largest city in the country, with 130,000 inhabitants. And it has economic activities associated with the export of sugar cane, fruits, coffee and especially fish. The most important government institutions of this nation are concentrated in it, especially as part of the Plateau neighborhood , which is also its tourist center.

It is a lively city that has music in its blood , and ideal if you want to appreciate the lifestyle of Cape Verdeans, as well as being an important starting point for many excursions, both to the island of Santiago, and to any other destination in the surroundings of Cape Verde. You should know that the official language of this city is Portuguese, while its name Praia means “Beach” and in fact it has five of them that are very pleasant, as they are rarely visited

Praia Cape Verde

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Flights to Praia Cape Verde

Visiting Praia Cabo Verde especially from UK is not very complicated, there are already flights that will take you from London in a few hours. Here we will show you the best recommendations to find the best prices on flights to Praia Cape Verde. So take note of the best options!

Undoubtedly, traveling to a place like Cape Verde for many represents an experience that they want to enjoy, despite considering that it is a distant destination, which fills them with uncertainty regarding what type of flight to take. But on this page you will find everything you need to know to select the best itinerary.

Praia Cape Verde Beaches

The beaches of this city have a pleasant temperature, and unlike other islands, they are usually frequented by natives of the place . You can identify them under the names of Praia Negra, Quebra Canela, Gamboa, Prainha and Praia do Portinho .

In them you can enjoy a relaxing bath and sunbathe lying on the sand, while listening to the songs of its inhabitants, and the Cape Verdean atmosphere representative of Praia Cape Verde.

Praia Negra

What to see in Praia Cape Verde?

Before visiting Praia Cabo Verde, the best thing you can do is take note of which are the essential places to visit. This way you will get to know its best attractions, without missing any magical corner during your vacations in Praia.

We advise you to get to know its beaches, the Doña María Pía Lighthouse , the Sucupira market , the Praia Museum , the Chã de Areia where music festivals are held, the Procathedral of Our Lady of Grace, the Diogo Gomes Monument or the Museum Ethnographic, among other places of interest.

Praia is a city within which you will find places to enjoy lively night entertainment , since it has bars and nightclubs within which you can share with family and friends.

what to do in praia cape verde

What to do in Praia Cape Verde?

Many of the visitors to the Island of Santiago take the opportunity to tour the city of Praia Cape Verde and discover through excursions or hiking all its incredible landscapes , such as the Serra de Malagueta Natural Park, the city of Velha or Assomada , which represents the heart of this island.

You can enjoy the relaxing routes through Mount Tchota or Pico d’Antónia ; In addition to reserving your place for an interesting tour around the entire island or an excursion to the island of Maio.

Once you are in Praia, you can choose the best tours around this island or go to any other of those that make up the Cape Verde archipelago; You sure won’t get bored!

Hotels in Praia Cape Verde

One of the important aspects to take into consideration during your vacation in Praia Cape Verde is to find a hotel that fits your budget and has the essential amenities to meet your needs.

In Praia you will find the best accommodation options on the Island of Santiago . It is only necessary that you take into consideration some of the recommendations that we offer you in this post, to make your choice easier.

You will find from apartments and guest houses, to luxury hotels. Since it is a popular tourist destination that gives each visitor the opportunity to choose where to stay based on their budget. Although it is always recommended that you stay in a hotel, as they offer interesting tour packages.

Within the best areas you can find the Pestana Trópico Hotel , which is on the seashore and close to entertainment venues such as the El Pescador or Ipanema bars.

You can enjoy hotels with prices from £40 like Santa María or select a luxurious one like the Hotel Vip Praia, in which they offer you rooms from £105.

There is an extensive list of hotels in the city of Praia Cape Verde, although some of them tend to be more popular than others. Among the most frequented; In addition to those mentioned above, there is the Oasis Praiamar and the Sol Hotel . You decide which one is more convenient based on your budget.

Praia Santiago Island Airport

In Praia Cape Verde you can enjoy the services of the Nelson Mandela International Airport; opened in 2005. It is located in the southeast of the island and can be reached from Arístides Pereira Avenue.

It has an extensive taxi service 24 hours a day and a good car park. It has a category 4D runway that provides ample security for its air traffic, within which several airlines provide their service with itineraries to other islands and other cities in the world.

Within its facilities you will find the check-in area with areas for national and international departures and passport control.

Praia Santiago Island Airport

How to get from the airport to the hotel?

You won’t have any difficulties getting to your hotel from Praia Cape Verde Airport. The airport taxi service is available 24 hours a day. In addition to this, Praia has 11 urban bus lines that reach any of the neighborhoods of this city.

Many of the tourists are mobilized by private vans, although as we always say, the best option is usually to rent your own car for sightseeing.

Weather in Praia Cape Verde

Praia Cape Verde, is a city with a warm and often cloudy climate, where winters are characterized by being wet and windy, but comfortable. Temperatures generally range between 21° C and 27° C.

One of the times within which you can appreciate the clear sky is from January to August; month from which it begins to experience more number of rains. Especially in the months of September and October.

Best time to travel?

If you want to visit Praia Cape Verde, we recommend choosing from mid- February to early July , since during this time you will enjoy clear days, with pleasant temperatures and hardly any chance of rain.

Many tourists select the first days of the month of May until the end of July to enjoy the beaches in this city, since temperatures generally remain between 24° C and 32° C. In any case , it will depend on the type of tourism or style. vacation you want to have in Praia Cape Verde.

Is it a safe city for tourism?

Some cities in the world are safer than others. When visiting Praia Cape Verde, we recommend you select the place you are going based on the tourist safety recommendations. Take into account that there are areas where security is not complete , especially at night.

Visitors are often advised to avoid exploring the area on foot at night, as it has little urban light; being preferable that they move by means of taxis.

For more information , you can always check with your hotel. They will guide you better on the precautions you should take during your vacation in Praia Cape Verde.

Praia Cape Verde Map

Frequently asked questions and answers

Where is Praia de Cabo Verde located?

This city is located to the south of the Island of Santiago; which is part of the Cape Verde archipelago. City bathed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

How many inhabitants does Praia de Cabo Verde have?

It has approximately 130,000 inhabitants. It is the capital of Cape Verde and its largest city.

How many tourists does Praia de Cabo Verde have?

It is not as touristy as Sal Island, but in recent years it has exceeded hundreds of thousands of tourists a year. There are many Caboverdians that usually travel to Praia city as well.

It’s a safe city?

Being Cape Verde’s largest city, there are certain areas that are best avoided at night. But it is a safe city.