Santa María Cape Verde

Santa María Cape Verde is the city of Sal Island with the highest tourist influx today, the driving force that has allowed the growth of this town located about 5,000 kilometers from the coast of Senegal and a place full of fun that attracts more than 250,000 visitors a year. Find out what it has to offer you.

Santa María: The most touristic city of Sal Island

The Island of Sal in Cape Verde is only 30 km long by 12 wide, but despite its small size it has a great tourist attraction in its territory, such as the city of Santa María Cape Verde.

Santa María is a city that has become the main tourist destination on this island and in all of Cape Verde, thanks to the fact that it has experienced rapid growth and offers a wide variety of hotels very close to its beautiful beaches.

In 1935, Santa María on Sal Island was elevated to the category of a town, currently being identified as a city. It has the shape of a rectangular grid that extends towards the coastline.

Its nerve center is Marcelo Leitão Square , full of facilities for leisure activities, but its modern boulevard located on Avenida de los Hoteles and its festivities of intangible cultural heritage value are also emblematic, such as the one held on August 23 in honor to Santa Maria.

Santa María Cape Verde
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What is Santa Maria Cape Verde like?

There is a wide variety of activities that you can do when you visit Santa María on Sal Island, not to mention that you cannot miss the natural world that will appear before your eyes once you find yourself in this little corner of the world.

You will find structures of cultural and historical interest such as its old salt mines and many of the machinery used for its production, not to mention that you will be in contact with people of Cape Verdean origin, a worthy example of their native customs and traditions.

You will be delighted with the various ports in Santa Maria de Cabo Verde , where you will appreciate the simple life of its residents, while the beaches represent one of its greatest tourist attractions; such is the case of its famous Playa Santa María Cape Verde.

Another point of interest in Santa María Cape Verde is its deserts , which invite you to take adventure tours aboard a 4×4 quad and similar vehicles.

You can not fail to include in your view the traditional tour of the towns of Santa Maria in Sal Island that will serve to detail closely what life is like on the islands of Cape Verde.

The city of Santa María Cabo Verde is a small and beautiful town that gives you access to different natural wonders, both large dimensions of sand that create an infinite desert and the magical spectacle called “El Ojo Azul”, a hole 12 meters deep. through which the midday sun is reflected, creating a peculiar image on the water.

Best Beach in Santa Maria Cape Verde

Being Sal Island part of the Cape Verde archipelago, it is surrounded by striking beaches, and all of them are incredible. An example of this is the Ponta Preta Beach and the Santa María Cape Verde Beach, which stands out worldwide as the most popular within this territory.

When visiting this corner of the world, you will be fascinated by its Santa María Cabo Verde beach , characterized by white sands and waters whose color remains in striking turquoise and green tones. It is crystal clear and its temperature ranges between 20 and 25°C, in addition to having a radiant sun practically all year round.

This beach in Santa María Cabo Verde is the right place to do hiking, fishing, diving and windsurfing activities, but above all to enjoy the beach , since it is a quiet, peaceful place with enough space.

Without a doubt, the coasts of Sal Island are a paradise, but particularly Playa Santa Maria Cape Verde is a delight. In fact, it is its most popular area, so you cannot miss out on enjoying it during your next vacation.

Sin lugar a dudas, las costas de Isla de Sal son un paraíso pero particularmente Playa Santa Maria Cabo Verde es una delicia. De hecho, es su zona más popular, por lo que no puedes dejar de disfrutarla durante tus próximas vacaciones.

Santa Maria Cape Verde Beach

What to do in Santa Maria Cape Verde?

The list of things you can do in Santa María Cabo Verde is endless, starting with enjoying its Santa María Cabo Verde Beach, one of the seven wonders of the archipelago and a tourist attraction that has promoted tourism to this point on the globe.

However, many other activities will be rewarding in Santa María Cape Verde. Check out.

Project Biodiversity

In the city of Santa María in Sal Island, a project is being developed that aims to protect wildlife and the biosphere, in charge of the non-profit organization identified as Project Biodiversity.

This organization promotes excursions and tours of Santa María Cabo Verde in which it is indicated why the turtles require your help and more.

Water activities

Take guided tours in Santa María Cabo Verde to appreciate the wonderful reef and even explore shipwrecks with snorkeling.

You can also dive for half a day, following the guidance of professionals in this discipline and be in close contact with sharks from Santa María Cabo Verde.

If your interest is fun, Santa Maria in Sal Island is the ideal destination, as it offers you the possibility of bathing in its waters, pedal boating, Flyboarding, driving jet skis, taking a boat tour or simply getting to know the boats that They ran aground between the 1920s and 1960s.

Desert adventure

Santa Maria Cabo Verde has what it takes to satisfy your adventurous spirit, traveling in an off-road vehicle to the desert and appreciating the panorama from coast to coast.

Dare to do a fun and different activity, because you will leave the road to discover hidden beauties of Santa María Cape Verde and more.

Private Tours

As part of the varied catalog of activities to sign up for in Santa Maria de Cabo Verde, you can find private tours to get to know its natural landscapes and wildlife.

Other plans are aimed at places of greater interest in the area, such as admiring the beauty of its panorama on a Zip Line flight or observing the turtles that are born and reproduce in Santa Maria Cabo Verde.

Sports Activities

Santa Maria de Cabo Verde offers you the opportunity to explore its coasts on horseback, take Kite Surf classes, ride an electric beach bike and ride its catamarans, among other things.

Here you will find a selection of the best activities to do in Santa Maria de Cabo Verde , precisely because we work as a partner of Civitatis we can offer you the best.

Hotels in Santa Maria Cape Verde

Those who choose Sal Island to enjoy their next vacation are sure to have a good place for their lodging, where they can spend the night comfortably in addition to enjoying many other amenities offered by this popular city.

This is what the hotels in Santa Maria do Cabo Verde offer, which aim to provide a quality service, according to the budget of different types of travellers. And if you don’t want to close off options within Sal Island, we recommend that you visit our article on the best hotels in Sal Island .

Here are 4 recommendations that you cannot fail to consider:

Hilton Cabo Verde Sal Resort

Hilton Santa Maria

The most popular of the hotels in Santa Maria de Cabo Verde is the Hilton Cabo Verde Sal Resort; located in Avenida dos Hotéis, Santa Maria ; very close to the beach, with a wonderful pool, casino, beauty salon, spa and more.

It has a nautical center to satisfy the dreams of all those tourists who are looking for an adventurous navigation or want to participate in diving activities.

In addition, the Sal Island International Airport is only 10 minutes from this hotel.

Meliá Dunas Beach Resort & Spa

Hotel Melia Santa Maria Cape verde

One of the most luxurious and exclusive hotels in Santa María Cape Verde is the Meliá Dunas Beach Resort & Spa, although the Hilton continues to stand out among the most elegant in the town.

Moments of relaxation and recreation await you there, in addition to the enjoyment associated with the best surrounding beaches.

It has swimming pools, apartment-style accommodation, discreet and elegant environments. Everything you may need for healthy family recreation or social gatherings.

The Buddha Beach Hotel

Hotels Santa Maria Cape Verde

Featured among the hotels in Santa Maria Cape Verde with the best value for money, we recommend The Buddha Beach Hotel, built using a sober and elegant architecture, with a spectacular terrace, bar, shared lounge, free Wi-Fi and many other amenities that will really make a difference in your vacation.


Cheap Hotels Santa Maria Cape Verde

The cheapest and most accessible for travelers with reduced budgets is the Bright and it is located less than 500 meters from the Santa María Cape Verde Beach; a short distance from the parish of Our Lady of Sorrows and with comfortable three-bedroom apartments, fully equipped.

Flights to Santa Maria in Sal Island

Santa Maria in Sal Island is a destination that you have the possibility of arriving from anywhere in the world, choosing a flight to the Amílcar Cabral International Airport, popularly identified as Sal Island Airport, which is located approximately 17 minutes from Santa María Cabo. Green.

Following this order of ideas, it is appropriate to mention that the flights to Santa Maria in Sal Island are really cheap. For example, if you leave from London, you will find different options for only 260 pounds, you just have to take your time to analyze the prices quoted in different travel agencies.

How to get from the airport to the hotel?

The most versatile way to get from Sal Airport to the hotel of your choice in Santa Maria de Cabo Verde is by taking a taxi, which costs approximately 6 poundsand will take you to your destination in just 17 minutes, from similar way to renting a car.

The best of all is that once you find yourself in one of the recommended hotels you can walk to Playa de Santa María, contributing to your physical condition at the same time.

Weather in Santa María Cape Verde

Santa Maria Cape Verde has a warm and pleasant climate, little rain and a temperature that ranges between 19°C and 30°C. 

Its summers are hot, short and oppressive while winters are long and cloudy.

Taking into consideration that Santa Maria Cape Verde is a destination chosen especially for its beaches, the best time of year for tourism in this Cape Verdean town is from the beginning of May to the end of July.

Frequently Asked Questions about Santa Maria Cape Verde

How many inhabitants does Santa Maria Cape Verde have?

Santa Maria is the most important city of Sal Island, founded in 1835 by the Portuguese Manuel Antonio Martins and is its main tourist focus.

It has about 17,231 inhabitants, according to the census carried out in 2010, which will have increased in recent years.

Why is it the most touristic city in Cape Verde?

Santa María de Isla de Sal is a destination that attracts thousands of tourists every year, by virtue of having paradisiacal beaches and being full of a wide variety of hotels that provide comfortable accommodation to guests who travel with reduced budgets or without skimping on resources to time to have a good time.

It’s a safe city?

Like other destinations in this archipelago, they are really safe. It is one of the safest countries in Africa, to which you can travel with the conviction that you will find tranquility and comfortable spaces to fully relax without fearing for your safety or that of your belongings.