São Nicolau Cape Verde

Traveling is a temptation for many, especially if you are a lover of exotic landscapes and the ocean. If so, you have to know the São Nicolau Cape Verde, the fifth largest Cape Verde island.

This beautiful territory has picturesque houses and a very low population density. It boasts huge mountains, faithful customs and is home to 13,000 Cape Verdeans . Surely you will not want to miss the opportunity to spend a moment there to get to know its streets, its people and have fun with all the vacation activities that it will offer you.

If you are interested in the world of fishing, hiking and agriculture, traveling to São Nicolau Island is an excellent alternative to entertain yourself outside the stressful corners of the daily routine.

Holidays in São Nicolau Cape Verde

With only 1% of global tourism from Cape Verde, São Nicolau is perfect if you hate crowds, and appreciate the peace of majestic desert landscapes.

Keep in mind that a vacation in São Nicolau Island offers you the possibility of choosing activities such as fishing; hiking through Monte Gordo, the green and mountainous natural park; walk along the colonial routes of its capital Ribeira Brava, rich in devout ecclesiastical routines and old businesses that we assure you that you should not ignore.

For this reason, take advantage of the occasion to relax and forget your daily life for a while.

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Main cities of São Nicolau Cape Verde

The two main cities of São Nicolau are Ribeira Brava, a place that has a wide variety of houses of colonial architecture, adorned with a square and a huge and colorful cathedral; and Tarrafal de São Nicolau, a city of healing, fishing and the ocean.

Ribeira Brava

Ribeira Brava is the capital of São Nicolau Island and is located in the south of the archipelago. On the other hand, it is found near the fishing village of Tarrafal de São Nicolau, approximately nine kilometers away.

Ribeira Brava is one of the first stops for curious foreigners, so holidays in São Nicolau Island is a good option because you will find an environment full of color, little noise and evident tranquility.

CURIOUS FACT! The city is small and is populated by more than 4,000 people. The businesses have beautiful facades and the area boasts beautiful gardens that you can explore at your leisure.

Tarrafal São Nicolau

The fishing town of Tarrafal de São Nicolau is the ideal place to spend a day enjoying its beaches and surfing the ocean waves. In addition, you will enjoy small boat rides, a fairly peaceful activity reserved for potential tourists like you.

And, by the way, this town is northwest of the capital Ribeira Brava. You can get there by road, so organize your time and get ready to go sightseeing in São Nicolau Cape Verde.

Think about it and have fun in its waters. To the north of Tarrafal de São Nicolau you can enjoy a wide range of activities such as walking through the water to hunt for fish and the aforementioned surfing.

Playa de Tarrafel Isla Sao Nicolau

Where to stay in São Nicolau Cape Verde?

If you want to know where to stay in São Nicolau Island, then we have the answer: the city of Tarrafal from São Nicolau, which has numerous hotels where you can spend the night during your stay in the archipelago.

It is definitely the best area because you have at your disposal the beaches, some of its most important tourist routes and the proximity of the capital Ribeira Brava. Don’t forget to book your plane ticket and hotel room on time!

Flights to São Nicolau Cape Verde

Preguiça airport is located near Ribeira Brava, just to the south. To travel to São Nicolau Island you will have to fly from London on the TAP Portugal airline to this territory (doing some stops).

How to get to my hotel from São Nicolau Island airport?

To vacation in São Nicolau at last and get to the area where you are going to stay during your stay, opt for one of the taxis from the airport line. It will take you to Tarrafal de São Nicolau in less than 34 minutes and to Ribeira Brava in less than twelve. You can also hire the transfer service of your hotel to send a vehicle.

In any case, avoid carrying too many suitcases. It is the best if you do not want to suffer discomfort during the trip to the venue where you will stay.

Things to do in São Nicolau Cape Verde

It is time that we give you information about the wonderful and fun activities that you can do on this island. Tourism in São Nicolau Island is entertaining and you will see it when you discover the endless possibilities of relaxation and distraction on your vacations.

Horse ride

Taking horseback rides through its bends is one of the things you can do. It is a fun activity if you are a lover of these intelligent and fast beasts. In the same way, if you are a betting lover, you will be able to do it freely because the races of these animals is something essential both on this island and in other archipelagos.

Fishing, Swimming and Surfing

Traveling the tourist routes on horseback is a good choice, but remember that one of the most popular activities on the island is fishing , so you can practice the art of patience during your fish hunt! As we have mentioned, you can also ride a boat with your friends or family and stroll through the waters.

In addition, the surf will not be bad at all if you go to the north of the town of Tarrafal de Sao Vicente, where you can see a good swell.

In relation to the love of fishing, aquatic animals such as swordfish will be on view in Tarrafal . You can not miss this great opportunity.

São Nicolau Cape Verde

Hiking in your hands through Monte Gordo de São Nicolau Island

You can have a nice day climbing the great Monte Gordo and see its incredible fauna and flora as well as its coffee plantations. Important part of traveling and enjoying a vacation in São Nicolau Cape Verdeis to walk along this famous tourist route that has 1,312 meters of elevation. It is the most mountainous and visited area of the island by visitors.

Relax on the beaches of Tarrafal de São Nicolau

If you have problems with your joints and bones, the healing sand on the beaches of Tarrafal de Sao Nicolau is an element of nature that you cannot ignore. So, while you heal your body, also heal your soul thanks to the tranquility of this piece of land.

Things to do in Sao Nicolau

Taste local dishes

La buena comida es algo asegurado en Cabo Verde, y especialmente en esta isla. Degusta su particular asado de cabrito, un manjar que no podrás olvidar. Lograrás probar ese y otros platillos en los negocios de Tarrafal o de la capital de la isla: Ribeira Brava.

¿Dónde comer en Isla São Nicolau?

In addition to relaxing your soul on the calm beaches of São Nicolau Island , you can’t forget your stomach. That is why we have a list of possible shops where you can savor their gastronomy, although there are not many of this type due to the small size of the area.

How to get around São Nicolau Cape Verde?

Para trasladarte por la isla solo debes alquilar un coche. Podrás hacerlo fácilmente en la capital de la ínsula o en su versión balnearia Tarrafal de Sao Nicolau.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sao Nicolau Cape Verde

👫🏿 Number of inhabitants of São Nicolau Cape Verde Island?

The island is home to 13,000 charming and hospitable people who have dedicated their lives to farming and fishing.

🎉 What is the capital of São Nicolau Cape Verde Island?

Ribeira Brava is the main city of the Island, and has the narrowest and most picturesque streets in the territory, with a population of more than 4,000 people.

📸 How many tourists do you receive per year?

It has 1% of visits per year because its tourism business is incipient. Therefore, it is a quiet and virgin green area that you cannot ignore if you dislike crowds and love nature.

✅ Is Sao Nicolau Island safe?

Yes. São Nicolau is as safe as almost all of Cape Verde. Therefore, you will not have problems during your stay or vacation