São Vicente Cape Verde

If you are a lover of arid climates, perfect for enjoying a day at the beach,traveling to São Vicente Cape Verde Island is an excellent decision. This volcanic setting is one of the most populated in the Cape Verde Islands , and is considered to be its cultural cradle. It has a population of 83,467 hospitable inhabitants and its capital Mindelo , along with its bays, will not leave you indifferent.

On the other hand, you will have at hand the opportunity to get to know its greenest spaces. One of them is Santo Antão , a territory with abundant valleys and native trees.

And of course, you will enjoy its music, waters and gastronomy made with seafood. If you want to know more about São Vicente Island, keep reading so you can prepare your future trip:

Holidays in São Vicente Cape Verde

This island, which still keeps the English influence alive in its streets and sports , is one of the most striking in Cape Verde. It is constantly visited for its incredible beaches. Ideal for surfing or sailing.

Also, if you are passionate about horse racing, this place will become the best place to have fun consuming bets. So a vacation to São Vicente Cape Verde would not be bad , considering that its popularity is on the rise.

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São Vicente, Cape Verde

Main cities of São Vicente Cape Verde

São Vicente Island only has one main city: Mindelo. It is another of the largest and most important cities in Cape Verde. Where the passion for the arts, fishing and gastronomy is protected. Almost 97% of the inhabitants of the island populate it, having more than 60,000 natives .


If you want to do tourism in São Vicente Cape Verde, Mindelo should be your first stop before going to São Pedro and Bahía da Gata beaches , and enjoy sports and leisure for its curious visitors. At the same time, this city maintains a large repertoire of cultural and culinary spaces and a wide range of hotels where you can stay.

By the way, the capital is not without music. It has particular places where they offer beautiful international and regional melodies, live.

You will not resist the desire to walk through its lands, a common act among visitors to the arid-tropical territory. And discover both Mindelo and the Bahía da Gata music fair in August.

Bahía da Gata

Considered one of the best beach areas that every tourist in São Vicente Island of Cape Verde should visit, Bahía da Gata manages to become an ideal place on summer days, when the most important festivals of the region and the country begin.

This fantastic area, which does not have abundant vegetation, is the most explored place by foreigners to attend concerts and, therefore, listen to good music.

On the other hand, Bahía da Gata is located to the east of Praia Grande and to the north of the island, as is the capital Mindelo . The melodies start in August, therefore, traveling to São Vicente of Cape Verde on those dates will be an excellent opportunity to entertain yourself. In addition, you will get to see beautiful sunsets from its shores.

Bahia de Gata Sao Vicente

Where to stay in São Vicente Island Cape Verde?

Mindelo or São Pedro , famous for its waters that allow windsurfing, have the best hotels where you can spend the night. However, the capital will be an excellent option to delve into the artistic and gastronomic world of the Island of São Vicente, especially at night.

In Mindelo you will taste coffee, food and other drinks in establishments such as Café Royal , a place that you should not forget during your visit.

However, Bahía da Gata is also a fantastic territory where you can stay without any inconvenience. You just have to make sure you rent a car to get you there. Keep in mind that the buses called ” aluguers ” are the least expensive means of transport, although it is not bad to take a taxi.

Mindelo is south of Cesária Évora International Airport, in São Pedro to be precise, about five kilometers away. Taking a taxi will cost you about ten euros and it will be a short trip of almost twelve or twenty minutes.

Flights to São Vicente Cape Verde

To get to the island, turn to TAP Air Portugal, which will take you directly to the territory. Then you will have to rent a car or take a taxi to get to the city where you want to stay. Travel to São Vicente Cape VerdeIt is very simple. And, instead of renting a car, you can opt for the aforementioned means such as the aluguers, their local buses.

Remember that the name of its only airport is Cesária Évora International Airport.

How to get to my hotel from São Vicente Cape Verde Airport?

The island’s airport is five kilometers south of the capital Mindelo. Keep in mind that renting a car is usually expensive, despite that you can count on a wide range of much cheaper alternatives. In fact, we try to provide you with the best car rental prices. Look at them!

sightseeing in São Vicente Cape Verde will not disappoint you, as it contains several of the best and most crystalline beaches in the country.

Things to do in São Vicente Cabo Verde?

There are many activities that you can do during your tour of the island. Therefore, a vacation in São Vicente Cape Verde will be a comforting experience. Golf, whose existing course is for beginners only; horse riding, equestrian sport; and surfing or sailing; are some of those options, in addition to swimming and trying seafood dishes.

Explore Mindelo

At night, the capital of this Cape Verde island turns into a cultural spectacle that you better not ignore. You will find food houses, other great varieties of restaurants and savor their food decorated with barnacles. The Fish Market is a place that you will love as well as its sunsets and its white sand beaches and clean waters.

And, don’t forget, you can drink to your heart’s content at places like Casa Café Mindelo, just to mention a few businesses.

Things to do in Sao Vicente Cape Verde

Enjoy its beaches and sports

Take a bicycle and tour the island, as this area of Cape Verde is very visited by foreigners who love cycling. Also free yourself from the stress of routine by bathing in the sea or lying down on the sand. In the same way, you can practice golf as we have mentioned. That’s why he prepares this trip to vacation in São Vicente Cape Verde . You will not regret!

Sail to São Pedro and Santo Antão

The sea of São Pedro is the most used setting for windsurfing, or surfing and sailing , and Santo Antão is the least arid place on the island as it is full of vegetation. For that reason, think about it and enjoy an excellent landscape. Do not forget to visit them to enjoy your stay in the archipelago more.

By the way, you will have to board a ferry to reach the second territory in question. You’ll be there in about sixty minutes.

Where to eat in São Vicente Cape Verde?

There are many shops where you will taste São Vicente gastronomy. Several are located in the capital of the island: Casa Café Mindelo and the city’s Café Royal will enchant you for their diversity of food and drinks , although they are just a couple of examples of the many places you will discover.

How to get around São Vicente Island?

To visit this arid and tropical island, choose taxis or the buses of the region if you do not want to rent a car ( in the end we think it is the best idea). The main city is one of the best parts to take the buses.

In any case, the island is not very big, so the transport is not one of the most advanced. Sometimes you will have to practice the art of patience, but that small vehicular delay will be quickly forgotten when you arrive at your destination.

Tourism in São Vicente Cape Verde is wonderful, just prepare plans to organize your time and choose the most affordable means of transportation if you want to save a little. You can ask the staff of the hotel you have chosen to spend the night for advice.

Frequently asked questions and answers

How many inhabitants live on the Island of São Vicente?

The Island of São Vicente has a population of 83,467 inhabitants and has one of the most densely populated cities in Cape Verde; Mindelo;

What is the capital of São Vicente Island?

The capital of the island is Mindelo, Cradle of the country’s culture. It boasts a pleasant nightlife and a rich variety of hotels, beaches and restaurants. It is home to almost 97% of the population

There are many tourists?

Although it is still very far from the number of tourists in Sal or Boa Vista, it is an island that is attracting more and more visitors, thanks to Mindelo’s leisure and for being the country’s cultural cradle.

Is São Vicente Island safe?

It is a safe island, where there is hardly any crime. In any case, as in any foreign country, it is better to avoid walking alone at night in certain areas.