Tarrafal Cape Verde

When visiting the beautiful Island of Santiago you have the opportunity to get to know Tarrafal Cape Verde, a place noted for its exuberant natural beauty and where you will enjoy not only its historical legacy but also an impressive cultural heritage marked by its music, Santo Amaro festivals and their typical carnivals. Here you will find the best recommendations for your trip to Tarrafal.

Tarrafal Cape Verde

Tarrafal of Santiago Island in Cape Verde

Tarrafal Cape Verde is a municipality that is part of the island of Santiago, located in its northern region.

Its economy is based on the fishing industry and agriculture, it is only 70 kilometers from the capital of the island and has fertile land, bushes and pastures in most of its territory.

To the south you have the Serra da Malagueta mountain range and a couple of forests on some of its other mountains. Tarrafal de Cabo de Verde was created during the year 1917, after separating from the Santa Caterina municipality.

Thanks to its strategic geographical conditions, a port was built that became known during the commercialization of Jatropha, seeds with medicinal properties, and later with many other fishing resources.

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Flights to Tarrafal Cape Verde

The town of Tarrafal Cape Verde is one of the most visited tourist paradises on the African continent, if you are in Spain you should know that there are several flights that can meet your needs.

Among the options available to you are Iberia or TAP airline flights with affordable routes, schedules and prices for your budget, you just need to choose the most attractive offer, have your valid passport and a visa that you can purchase at the airport as soon as possible. soon you arrive in Tarrafal Cabo Verde.

Beast Beaches in Tarrafal Cape Verde

Being part of an almost paradisiacal island, Tarrafal Cape Verde has some of the best beaches in the world.

This is an exotic paradise that you can not miss, you can spend hours lying on the sand, sunbathing or pleasant baths in the sea of its beaches that we recommend below:

  • Santa María beach.
  • Estoril beach.
  • Chaves beach.
  • Sao Filipe beach.
  • Sao Pedro beach.
  • Tarrafal beach.
  • Santa Monica beach.
  • Ponta Preta beach.
  • Laginha beach.
  • Quebra Canela beach.

Tarrafal Cape Verde is located just 20 miles by car from Ribeira Brava, with comfortable accommodation so you can enjoy its black sand beaches, which are truly relaxing and among its minerals, iodine stands out, a natural element that will alleviate many of your physical ailments.

Tarrafal Beach

What to see in Tarrafal of Santiago Island?

Tarrafal Cape Verde on a map of Africa with the naked eye, but you should know that it is a place with a wide variety of attractions that will allow you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

In addition, you cannot miss the Tarrafal Concentration Camp, a historical visit in which you will visit the place where political prisoners were imprisoned in the village of Chão. Bom or follow a devout tour to the Igreja Santo Amaro.

Another of the positive points of your vacation in Tarrafal, is that you can easily move to Praia , the capital and most important city of the country. Both belong to the Island of Santiago, so a visit to the capital of Cape Verde is practically an obligation if you travel to Tarrafal.

What to do in Tarrafal Cape Verde?

As part of everything you can do in Tarrafal Cape Verde, we suggest you take a cruise with stops at its best beaches, go hiking and be in contact with its nature and wildlife. You will have the opportunity to practice extreme activities and enjoy guided excursions to the island of Santiago, in which you will be able to learn curious details about the place throughout your walk or increase your adrenaline traveling aboard a rustic through paths that you never thought.

Does Tarrafal Airport have?

In the city of Tarrafal Cape Verde there is no airport, but the Nelson Mandela International Airport is 67 kilometers away through the Circular da Praia, so you can reach this municipality by taxi in just 1 hour and 21 minutes.

How to get there from Praia airport?

It is very easy to move from the Praia Airport to Tarrafal Cape Verde, you can rent a car or use the services of their minibuses, which are comfortable vans or vans that connect the small towns of the place with pre-established points where they pick up their passengers.

If you want to travel more privately, we suggest you take taxis that you will find available at the airport itself.

Weather in Tarrafal Cape Verde

Tarrafal in Cape Verde is a city that has a pleasant climate throughout the year, its summers are characterized by being hot and cloudy, while the winters are comfortable, dry and very long.

As we have commented many times in our Blog, the climate of Cape Verde is wonderful. One of the best in the world, in fact. Throughout the year you will enjoy very pleasant temperatures, which will not hinder you from being able to sightsee without being overwhelmed by heat and at the same time enjoy a dip on the beach.

Best time to travel

To fully enjoy its warm sands and have a pleasant temperature in its sea water, it is recommended that you visit Tarrafal in Cape Verde from the end of April to mid-July, its best time of year for tourists who want to practice activities. aquatic.

However, its climate is perfect to choose it as vacation destination at any time of the year ; since you can go through its natural trails to take walks for the benefit of your health, breathing fresh air and relaxing with its beautiful views.

Holidays in Santiago Island

Is it a safe city for tourism?

Tarrafal in Cape Verde has all the services to make the stay of its visitors pleasant, including accommodation that meets the European standard, although it does not have many vehicles to cover transportation, but it does have many hospitable people willing to serve and more.

It is convenient that before traveling you inform yourself at the nearest tourist agency about the safety regulations that you must follow to prevent the spread of Covid-19, a pandemic that is currently plaguing the world and in this way protect your health.

With reference to safety in general, the same recommendations should be followed as when visiting any other city in the world, avoiding traveling through areas with little light and late at night, especially if they are unknown or you are traveling alone.

Visit Tarrafal Cape Verde, a destination where you can rest, sunbathe, swim in its crystal clear beaches or do any type of sport, sharing with welcoming people and where you will feel safe. The ideal starting point to begin your journey through the fascinating and ancient African continent.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Where is Tarrafal Cape Verde located?

Tarrafal is located on the Island of Santiago in Cape Verde, specifically on the African continent and has a total area of 112.4 kilometers. You can arrive by boat or through Nelson Mandela International Airport

How many inhabitants does it have?

According to the statistical reports of the census carried out during the year 2019, Tarrafal de Cabo Verde has 18,171 inhabitants, establishing a population density of 161.66 inhabitants/km², which implies that it has enough space for you to enjoy in areas free of urban agglomerations.

How many tourists do you have?

The hospitable character of the Cape Verdeans is enhanced in Tarrafal, they are charming and simple people who will welcome you so that you can enjoy their beautiful landscapes and support their economy. Enjoy your trip and follow the security recommendations that you would apply in any other part of the world.

Tarrafal of Santiago Island Map